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To be found in 2023

For any type of company, small or large, having your own online space has now become essential. It is a channel in which to get noticed and have the opportunity to express the values and vision of one’s business/service/product.

A website that covers the right parameters and functions allows the company to establish a relationship, in its own personal way, with customers and users.
We live in an era where everything changes very quickly, so even those who develop websites always try to make users’ lives more immediate and simple, both from the point of view of design and the browsing experience, and from that of functionality and usability.

Now it’s not enough just to be present on the net to conquer customers, but you have to follow the trends of the moment and adhere to technical and strategic parameters to develop a site, with the addition of well-structured and managed social pages.

We are in 2023, and it is vital to have your own image online: as reported by the analysis by We Are Social, 73% of the Italian population is online – there are around 43 million people connected to the Internet, almost +10% compared to last year year, with a growth of 3 million users in social platforms.

People use social media platforms to search for information about companies and assume that they will also find a good company website. Only if you have something to communicate about your reality and your business can you then land on social networks. First you have to introduce yourself and make yourself known – this is thanks to your website.

Where do users find solutions, or information to solve their problems?
Within the company website.