About Us


alibi creativo is a design and communication studio. We are creative professionals with years of experience behind us. Our studio is located in Viterbo but we have projects all over the world.

Our task is to help you improve your business.

The creativity we offer is based on branding experiences that build reputation and relevance. Our service is all based on the ‘Design Thinking’, a problem-solving process in the field of corporate innovation. We study the ‘problems’ that the company may have and then arrive at a solution that then leads to an optimal result for the company itself.

C’mon! Play your card!

BRAND IDENTITY – Logo Design, Brand Strategy, Market Analysis, and Innovation.
PACKAGING – Displays, Study of materials, and Point of sale.
DIGITAL – Web Design, 3D Modelling, Animation, and UX / UI Design.
INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE – Exhibition Design, Private Houses, Office & Retail, and Stand Design / Booth.

We offer a complete
design service from A to Z.

We consider the whole process
important – starting from
the initial idea to research, then
continuing with the design
and finally the final result.

     this is us

Some of the companies we worked for