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It all starts with a blank piece of paper and a feather. Or in our case – a cloud of post-its and a pen. The process as a whole does begin with a research phase, brainstorming and mindmapping session. Where we filter down every possible scenario and investigate the essence on a macro level.

What is special about this company we are working on? What is the message they want to deliver to their customers? What are the strong points that we need to elevate and what are the weak points we need to encounter? – questions like that is what we try to answer whenever a project lands on our table.

It takes a hell of a road to arrive till a point when we even start sketching and a visualizing an idea.

Creativity has no limits, it overlaps many disciplines. Sometimes it seems that the life of a designer is one conitnuation of learning, re-learning, and pushing your own boundries. And this is exactly why we love what we do.