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Team Sports and New Beginnings

How a basketball game in the park shifted the future of alibi creativo

In the summer of 2021, a year after the foundation of alibi creativo, Martina and I understood that we are growing, and in need to expand. Despite being founders, the urge to have a project manager to help us organize ourselves was a clear vision. 

I like being active, and since I come from a country where basketball is a second religion, I rely on my skills from time to time to dribble the orange ball. Playing a team sport gives you the opportunity to connect and get to know new people, especially in a new area. 

Having played in outdoor courts in Germany, Turkey and Ireland (countries that I worked in my past) it was time to try out the Italian soil. So on a Saturday morning I put on my gray Adidas trainers, jumped into my Volvo and drove to the next park where a couple of days earlier I noticed a basketball court.

After the car was parked I grabbed my ball from the trunk and started moving towards a group of players introducing myself in my broken italia. Soon enough I was joining the guys every Saturday morning, making new friends and exercising at the same time.

Among them was Federico, a recent Communication alumni from Tuscia University. I was looking for a Project Manager and Marketer – he was looking for a new chapter in his professional life.

It’s been over a year since our first game together, none of us would have known it was just the beginning of a new friendship. But here we are seeing each other everyday and making alibi creativo a better place for all of us.

It’s always worth it to go out into the world, meet new people and take a chance.