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Define your Brand

If you started your BUSINESS with a rather small budget, entered the market without having all your representative elements aligned, and succeeded – you did a hell of a job. But probably soon you will want all your ducks in a row, to proceed with a clear identity and message, so keeping your existing customers loyalty as well as attracting new ones.

In our experience of supporting businesses with what we do best – BRANDING, we understand the budget necessary to deliver recognizable results. It involves research, brainstorming sessions, long hours in front of the screen and so on.

If you can allow yourself this kind of investment to be made from the very beginning – you will surely save yourself a lot of headache and expenses down the road. But if you find yourself in a position where you realize the lack of a unified or contemporary identity, change of direction or/and in the market and feel it’s time to open a new chapter – you need a rebranding.

Define your business goal – without a certain goal there is no road:

What do you want your brand/rebranding to achieve?

Who is your ideal client?

What does your brand stand for? Is it quality, sustainability, security, speed?

The personality of your brand, just like yours, plays a big part.
How would you define it?
People want to know where they buy things from. What is your story? Is it a family business? Did your business grow from a childhood hobby? Are the founders two best college friends?

Assets and Liabilities that you represent, can be transformed in visual language. How would you describe them?

I am sure you did take a look around, what are your competitors doing. How do you differentiate from them?

Determine your BUDGET and be clear about it. A lot of things can be achieved by taking little steps. Maybe it’s worth it to firstly invest in creating a new brand identity, exchange the old website in a couple of months and start a marketing campaign most probably after all is aligned to attract new customers.

The hired DESIGN studio won’t be able to deliver all assets all together anyway and if you meet one that understands the process and is friendly – they will allow you to pay in parts anyway.