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Viterbo Pride 2022

Every now and then we make a pro bono project. This year we have the pleasure of supporting the first ever Viterbo Pride event.
We were asked to come up with a map of the “Rainbow Street ” to showcase LGBT+ friendly places where people can have a drink, dinner or just hang out after the parade.

Having in mind that the map should be cloud based and accessible via smartphone (so saving paper, reducing waste and unnecessary overprinting) we decided to take it to another level. Why not create a wordpress-based mini web with the UX/UI for a smartphone. Nothing spectacular, just with the most necessary info, not over engineered and reduced to the bare minimum. Something that works, is simple and fast as possible. Having that in mind we not only created the vector-drawn map of the rainbow street with a legend, but also implemented an interactive google maps based map that shows all the locations with addresses and can guide guests to the nearest lgbt+ friendly cafe/pub/restaurant by showing your exact location and letting you being guided to the local of your choice. 

To make it more fun we also integrated a third element – a subpage where you can see posts that you or other participants shared in the last 24 hours, using the hashtag #viterbopride. The community is happy, the businesses are happy, we are happy. Creating this project was so much fun. 9th of July 2022 was great!

You can check it out (best with a smartphone):