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The Football player

Recently we had a guest at our studio. No other, but the central midfielder of U. S. Viterbese – Linas Megelaitis who came for a quick visit and brought an amazing gift! His own jersey, that he signed and we proudly hung on our wall, as a sign of friendship, it represent the competition we face in our everyday life and the territory where we live – Viterbo.

I got in touch with Linas after getting to know that there is a second Lithuanian residing in Viterbo. He is a youngster from Šilutė – a town near the seaside about 150km to the west from where I’m from.

Not only is he one of the main players of U. S. Viterbese, but also plays for the Lithuanian national team. We made a deal, everytime we play at home, on sundays – I come to the stadium to watch the game, and the next day, on Monday, we go out for dinner, chat and a stroll through the city.

As life of an athelete and the transfer market is unpredictable, we are not sure for how long we will continue this tradition or at least the part when we meet next day after a home game. But we try to enjoy each others company as long as it will last.

Thank you Linas for the gift and best of luck on the field while fighting for victories we all are hungry to have!