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Grow with Instagram

The truth is, a tidy feed will help you grow on Instagram!

“An orderly feed to tame them, find them, bring them all, and on “follow” chain them!”
The Cit. that Tolkien never imagined he’d read.
Yet here it is. And we assure you that’s exactly how it works.

Keeping your Instagram feed tidy may seem like a tough job, but it’s essential if you want your potential followers to stay “chained” to your profile!

Imagine entering a shop where there are no departments, the products are all different and are piled up without prices or labels: would you ever be looking for what you need?
Perhaps, perhaps arming yourself with a little time and patience.

Beware though: the potential follower who lands on your Instagram feed has neither.

The eye of the user browsing social media is constantly bombarded with content, and in the brief thousandths of a second he is dedicating to you, you have to work on several levels to intrigue him and convince him in record time of your relevance to his interests/researches.

But is it so important to have an uncluttered Instagram feed?
Shouldn’t I rather focus on the single content?

It’s true, well done content can get us likes, saves and even followers.

But what happens when the user wants to get to know you and save other equally useful and well-made content on your profile, and can’t find it?

Simply, you will lose the invaluable opportunity to retain a potential buyer\user.

All social networks – especially Instagram – offer a large amount of tools you can use to connect with your audience.

A well thought-out communication strategy should be able to exploit every lever offered by the media in question to work: from a single post to a well-arranged showcase where all the contents are ordered, harmonious and easy to read.

Let’s take an example.
Are you looking for a good agriturismo where to have lunch during the weekend, where would you book without delay?

But maintaining a nice and tidy profile is difficult and limiting!

Remember that to have a functional instagram feed you don’t need to create very intricate graphic schemes: the user unconsciously wants only one thing: to be able to read, quickly and effortlessly.

Creating a grid of well-ordered and harmonious posts will allow the user to give your communication strategy a chance even before viewing the individual contents.

Would you like to know how to get an Instagram profile capable of retaining your followers?

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