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Ombre Festival

Social Media Management

Ombre Festival 2023: an exhilarating eleven-day sprint during which we conducted interviews with writers, politicians, and personalities from the entertainment and digital worlds, who presented their books in the most beautiful squares of downtown Viterbo. An extraordinary event that painted the streets in black and yellow, captivating and engaging the entire city.

At every corner, discussions about politics, history, the underworld, and food flourished, reflecting a diverse array of topics echoing from square to square.

The Alibi Creativo team was tasked with handling the communication strategy for the event, revamping Ombre’s digital presence to promote the event before and throughout its duration. The primary aim was to build a strong and interactive community.

We created tailored formats and content, including interviews with speakers, Instagram stories, and daily video recaps. Additionally, we curated content for the existing website and blog.

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